Pre-Registration Closed

Pre-Registration is now closed, you are still welcome to register to let us know you are coming, but from this point onwards we are not allocating any more free goodie bags, or pre-preparing badges.

You will also need to find the "unregistered" table upon arrival.

Not long now folks!


1642 People Have Registered So Far (1237 Adults, 405 Children)

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We'd love for you to help spread the word of the 2012 UK Mega Event and have produced a banner image for use on your cache listings and website:

2012 UK Mega Event Banner

To use this on your cache listings or website, simply insert the following code:

<center><a href=""><img src="" target="_blank" alt="2012 UK Mega Event" /></a></center>


If you use Firefox or Google Chrome, we have this Greasemonkey script which will add a little Signature about the event to every log you make on