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Meet the people who are organising the North West''s first Mega Event


Hi I''m Steve (clotguy).

I live in Congleton in Cheshire and started caching in May 2006.

I''m a fair weather cacher as I usually cache with my family (including rugbyboy & curtisthecacher). This, in part, explains my low number of finds.

I cache to get out and about with my family and we love to visit places that we wouldn''t have otherwise found. We try to get to odd events and have a habit of making sure that we get to Piratemania.


I''m Dan and although I hail from South Yorkshire and currently live in West Cornwall, I recently spent several years living in the North West. It was during my time living in Warrington, Cheshire, that I started Geocaching hence my involvement with the Mega Event.

I was introduced to geocaching in the summer of 2008 by my brother, and was instantly hooked. I love caching because it gets me out of the house, keeps me fit and has introduced me to loads of wonderful places that I otherwise would never have visited. I also love the mad events that get organised.

The North West is fantastic for caching as there is a huge range of landscapes to suit all abilities - from gentle canalside walks, to Lancashire''s brilliant moorlands (that''s a big compliment coming from a Yorkshireman) and, of course, the Cumbrian Mountains and Lake District.

I look forward to seeing you in 2012 and sharing this fabulous area.


I''m Duncan, I live in the South Lakes. As a family we used to ''Letterbox'' in Dartmoor on our holidays and we set lots up in the Lake District - most of which still exist. We discovered geocaching in late 2002 when only a few caches were dotted around and found that like letterboxing it was a great way to get out and about with the family and discover new places and revisit old favourites.

Caching in Cumbria often mean a full days walk for one or two caches unlike many other parts of the country but we like it like that. We try to find a few caches when we holiday abroad as it often leads to unexpected discoveries. The hobby also helps fill the evenings when business trips lead to stay overs. We''ve also met lots of really great people along the way .


Hi I''m Jan aka janw7256 or janw ''I Don''t do Hills'' 7256

I live in Merseyside but spend a lot of my spare time in East Cumbria, so I think I have the best of two different caching experiences - city & scenery. I''m not a big numbers cacher and cache as and when work and other commitments let me.

I love caching as it gets me out and about, and has taken me to some great places I would otherwise never have visited.


My name is Jamie, and I was one of the driving forces behind the very first UK Mega back in 2008. I''ve been caching since 2005, and after living in Yorkshire for 10 years, I re-located the other side of the border to Lancashire in 2008.

Irene of the linedancers

Hi, I''m Irene and I make up one half of the Linedancers. I live in the small village of Much Hoole, near Preston and was introduced to geocaching in 2006. I like geocaching as it gets me out and about, both close to home and further afield.

I like doing a variety of cache types, whether that means walking around a village/town picking up bits of history as I go, wandering across open moorland or the odd hill or two (I only do mountains on special occasions). The North West offers all of these things and more besides, from great rural locations, to the vast open spaces and landscapes. Come to the North West for the Mega 2012 so you can see for yourselves.

I was born and have lived in Preston all of my life and am very proud to have done so. I have seen three "Preston Guild"s and in 2012 there will be another. If you live around here you get a lot of "Once every Preston Guild" so now is your chance to be part of one.

Clare of the linedancersclaremegaprofilepic

 Hi I'm Clare, the other half of the Linedancers.

I was born in Much Hoole and have lived here ever since. I live with my partner and fellow cacher Irene and together we do Linedancing.

I have always walked with parents Bruce Kitching (ker ching) and twin brother Neil (Scanker) from an early age. We were introduced to Geocaching by my brother, who lives in Cardiff.

I love to roam round the hills and closer to home looking for tupperware boxes. I also love to camp and am looking forward to the Mega in Cumbria.

Irene and I do have a couple of series out for you to come and find while you are visiting the area.

Bob of LollyBob

Hello! I''m Bob, I’m from Dudley but I now live in South Staffordshire in a place called Bobbington (honest).

My caching is split between the Midlands and the North West, as Lolly, the other half of the team, lives in Wigan. Sometimes Cashley who is 13 comes with us but that''s usually under protest, unless it''s a camping event.

We have a mad cocker spaniel called Daisy who can be heard squealing like a pig when she sees me, even after 5 minutes! Then there is Sydney the parrot who sometimes comes along to events. He likes eating children''s fingers...and mine!

We got into geocaching from a guy who was working on BBC radio. He had told his wife about it and she passed the info on to Lolly as she knew that we enjoyed walking.

I love the finding part of the game and Lolly loves taking photos of the lovely places that geocaching takes us to.

We have met so many lovely people because of geocaching. Our lives changed drastically from being bored to not having enough hours in the day to do what we want to.

Lolly of LollyBob

Hello, I’m Lolly the first part of LollyBob and yeah my real name is Lorraine!! I never get called that only at the doctors and work, not even my family call me Lorraine.

I was born in Wigan but I have lived all over this land with my Father being in the Royal Navy. I have recently been to a few of the places I grew up, the latest being Haverfordwest in Wales, pity I was too young to appreciate the beauty of the places. We have a mad cocker spaniel called Daisy who can be heard squealing like a pig when she sees Bob even after an absent of only 5 minutes! Then there is Sydney the parrot who sometimes comes along to events. He likes eating children’s fingers...and Bobs lolWe got into geocaching from a guy who was working on BBC radio, he had told his wife about it and she passed the info on to me as she knew we enjoyed walking.
I am a keen photographer and love nothing better than going out walking armed with my camera gear. I take hundreds of photos and normally stick them on my flicker account lollybob50.
We have met so many lovely people because of geocaching. Our lives changed drastically from being bored to not having enough hours in the day to do what we want to.

I have many memories of our special trips out with like minded people but the two that stand out as some of the best ones are The Morecambe bay walk and seeing the tidal bore. If it was not for geocaching I doubt my life would have ever taken me to walk that bay. It was awesome. I have recently done my very first flash mob called Pointy Pirates and it was the highlight of the week for me. I loved it.


Hi I''m Steve.

I started caching in January 2005 with a DNF; the problem was a 10ft snow drift and a dead sheep.

As with Jaz666, I was one of the driving committee members of the UK’s first Mega Event in 2008.

I was born and brought up in North Yorkshire and I now live in Harrogate.

I love caching and prefer countryside caches to muggle intensive town caches, but I will try them all. (Even nanos!)

I have met some really great folk whilst caching and at events so I am more than willing to help out for the 2012 North West Mega.


My name is Mike.

I live in Lowton in the damp southern margins of Lancashire.

I''ve been geocaching since 2006, when I took it up to supplement my hobby of fell walking. Now I like to go fell walking as a sideline to my hobby of geocaching.

I like geocaching because it gets me out into the great outdoors and through it I have met plenty of fellow mad people. Caching in the North West is particularly good because of the variety of landscapes and cache types on offer - we have the quality as well as the quantity!

I look forward to welcoming lots of new people to our region in 2012!


Hi, my name''s Pete.

The North West is a truly fantastic place for both caching and walking.

I''ve been into my walking for a good while and now the caching. I like to combine hillwalking, walking on the coast and finding the odd cache along the way!

Phil of PhilPamandRob

Phil of PhilPamandRob I’m Phil, and although my early years were spent in Yorkshire, I moved to the Wirral, Merseyside with work almost 30 years ago. I was a keen hill walker and have climbed the Welsh 3000ft mountains (multiple times), The 214 Wainwrights

in the Lake District, and the highest summits in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It was whilst walking in the mid/late 1990s I bought my first GPS, a “Garmin II”. We first encountered caching by chance in March 2005 when googling for a medieval re-enactment in a local Country Park.. Having got a Garmin II we were intrigued, so went and found our very first geocache on the same day as watching the mock battles; little did we know where that would lead! Most of my caching is done solo, but Rob (and occasionally Pam) will accompany me on some scenic walks if they know there are some dece

nt siz

ed caches to be found, and for Rob, the chance of some nice swaps. We particularly enjoy caching on holidays as the hides often take you to “hidden gems” that don’t appear in any tourist guides. We really enjoy going to events where we can chat and laugh about each others caching exploits, and over the years have met many wonderful like-minded people, and have formed some great friendships. We are now looking forward to welcoming you to the fabulous North West, and meeting you at the UK Mega Event at Cartmel, Cumbria in 2012.




Hi we are Andy & Tyler who cache as Walker-Clan
We live in Warrington Cheshire with the rest of the Clan Tracey and Zac
We have been caching since October 2009 when we stumbled upon the App for the iphone and quickly became hooked on this great activity which gets the family together and outdoors but still get to play with gadgets.
We have had some fantastic adventures and visited places that we didn''t know existed even on our doorstep,in the last year we have cached in Scotland and Wales so we have seen more of the country than ever before.
We have even been re united with camping due to some of the excellent camping events we have attended this year.
Caching is a fantastic family hobby and we have met and made friends with many fellow cachers.
We look forward to meeting and befriending you at Cartmel.